Cursos de OCSMP

Cursos de OCSMP

La capacitación en OCSMP está disponible en dos modalidades: "presencial en vivo" y "remota en vivo"; la primera se puede llevar a cabo localmente en las instalaciones del cliente en Chile o en los centros de capacitación corporativa de NobleProg en Chile, la segunda se lleva a cabo a través de un escritorio remoto interactivo.

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Programas de los cursos OCSMP

Nombre del Curso
Descripción General
Nombre del Curso
Descripción General
21 horas
This course prepares you for the OMG Certified Systems Modeling Professional (OCSMP).
28 horas
The OCSMP Model Builder – Intermediate examination tests the knowledge and skills used to develop system models using the full SysML feature set. This capability enables more detailed and precise modeling of requirements, structure, behavior, and parametric constraints than those modeled at the Fundamental level. In addition, this engineer has the understanding needed to organize complex models, define the inter-relationships among model elements and diagrams, and assess aspects of model quality including conformance to language and method constraints. The level of knowledge tested by this certification, accompanied by a corresponding level of expertise in model based systems engineering methods and tools, is appropriate for a System Modeling Lead for a project and for the top-ranked team members who contribute independently to the model or to the system, such as a Lead Systems Engineer. The OCSMP Model Builder - Intermediate Certification is a prerequisite for the program's highest certification, OCSMP Model Builder – Advanced, and requires the OCSMP Model Builder – Fundamental certification as its prerequisite.

The course structure is based upon the book - A Practical Guide to SysML: The Systems Modeling Language by Friedenthal, Moore, and Steiner.
21 horas
The OCSMP Model Builder – Fundamental examination tests knowledge and skills required to construct a basic SysML model of a system. The examination covers model concepts and organization, basic requirements capture and management, structure and behavior models, parametric models, allocation relationships, and use of stereotypes. Using the knowledge and skills covered at this level plus familiarity with a suitable SysML modeling tool, a holder of the OCSMP Model Builder – Fundamental Certification should be a productive contributor to modeling tasks performed by a Systems Engineering team employing a model-based systems engineering approach using SysML. The OCSMP Model Builder – Fundamental Certification is a prerequisite for the program’s two higher levels, and requires the OCSMP Model User Certification as its prerequisite.

This examination (as well as the others in the OCSMP series) tests your ability to apply the knowledge and skills listed here in the context of a model of a system. As you study, go beyond each individual diagram to understand how aspects that it models can influence or affect aspects of the system represented in other diagram types.

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